It's All About The Ears: See How The Elves On 'The Shannara Chronicles' Are Coming To Life

Get a behind-the-scenes look at MTV's upcoming fantasy series.

MTV's upcoming fantasy series “The Shannara Chronicles” will finally bring The Four Lands' elves to life -- but how will the show's creators make sure characters like Amberle and King Eventine are true to form? Hint: It's all about the ears.

“There is a classic shape for the elf ears which we’ve seen before, but for this show, we wanted to go for something more elegant,” Vinnie Ashton, "TSC"’s makeup and hair designer says in the exclusive, behind-the-scenes clip below.

To make the prosthetics, a cast of each actor’s actual ears must first be made so there's something for the distinguishing points to be molded around. Positioning the ears is an even more tedious process, but removal seems to vary from actor to actor.

“I was really badly influenced by John Rhys-Davies, who taught me his technique for taking his ears off, which is just grabbing them and ripping them as fast as he can,” Poppy Drayton, who plays Amberle Elessedil, says. “You’re meant to do it a bit more carefully so you don’t damage your ears.”

To see the entire process (and Rhys-Davies’ bad behavior), watch the clip. And keep checking back with MTV News for more exclusive content before the show’s premiere in January 2016.