A Work Of Art: How The Team Behind 'The Shannara Chronicles' Created The Legendary Ellcrys

This isn’t the clay molding project of your elementary school days.

Standing in the presence of a powerful, magical tree must be breathtaking. The inhabitants of the Four Lands know this sensation well, as their world centers around the Ellcrys, the majestic yet dying tree in “The Shannara Chronicles.” In this exclusive clip from the set, we get a sneak peek at how the Ellcrys was constructed.

“I cried the first time I saw the Ellcrys, because I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was," Poppy Drayton, who portrays Amberle, says. “All the work that had gone into it and how stunning it was.”

An incredible amount of work did, in fact, go into creating the Ellcrys. As "TSC"’s production designer explains, a small-scale version of the tree was first molded out of clay. Then, the clay model was sliced up, and large-scale versions of each piece were crafted and placed together. After the final touches were in place, it was difficult for anyone to tell the tree wasn’t growing from the ground of the set.

“It really does feel like you are in this true environment. It makes it a lot easier to feel like you are in the world, when you actually are in the world," Aaron Jakubenko, (aka Prince Ander) states.

Check out the clip to see exactly how the Ellcrys came together, and keep checking back with MTV for more news on “The Shannara Chronicles” before the show premieres on January 5 at 10/9c!