Double Binge: We've Picked The Perfect Candy For Your Halloween 'Scream'-athon

Try not to lose your appetite.

Getting ready to binge-watch MTV's "Scream" this Halloween? We've got two tips: 1. Don't answer the phone (because, well, you know) and 2. Make sure your candy bowl is well-stocked (because why not?).

To help with the latter, we've matched up the perfect confection to pair with each and every one of the slasher series' 10 episodes. Check out our snack selections below — if you don’t think you’ll be too busy shrieking to chew:

  • What better way to celebrate the series premiere -- and the night the bloody murder spree began?

  • Episode 2: Milky Way

    Make that star-gazing date shared by Noah and Riley (RIP, girlfriend!) twice as sweet.

  • Episode 3: SweeTarts

    In honor of Brooke and her hotel tryst -- for obvious reasons.

  • Episode 4: 3 Musketeers

    Some comforting nougat for when the trifecta of Noah, Emma and Audrey team up and visit that abandoned hospital -- trust us, you'll need it.

  • Episode 5: 100 Grand Bar

    After all, Will and Jake did try to extort Mayor Maddox for $100K.

  • Episode 6: Smarties

    For when brainiac Noah uncovered, like, everything about Mr. Branson's secret life.

  • Episode 7: Hershey's Kisses

    Just in case you feel left out when Kieran and Emma have that super-steamy makeout session.

  • Episode 8: Airheads

    Because they're more than appropriate after Will got his head (and um, body) sawed in half -- and then haunted Emma's thoughts.

  • Episode 9: Candy Corn

    Gotta have the quintessential Halloween snack when the gang goes to an actual Halloween party.

  • Episode 10: Lifesavers

    Perfect for the season finale, when a gun-toting Audrey 86'd Piper -- and saved Emma and her mom. (You'll also be too full for anything but a hard candy.)

Let us know what your fave Halloween treat is in the comments section below (unless you're gonna say raisins, then don't bother). Then see if you can marathon all of "Scream" this weekend -- and remember, more scares are coming when the show returns in 2016!