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Jaden Smith Only Follows These 5 People On Twitter

Not Will. Not Jada. Not Willow.

Do you follow your mom and/or dad on Twitter?

Would you follow your mom if she was Jada Pinkett? Yeah, I know. Parents just don't understand. Heck, the Fresh Prince taught us that one. So, it makes sense then, I guess, that Jaden Smith doesn't follow his mom on social media (his dad doesn't even have a Twitter account).

But Jaden, ever the divergent thinker, actually doesn't follow too many other people on Twitter either. As of today, JS gets followed by more than 5 million people and only follows five dudes. That's it. No Jada Pinkett. Not even Willow. Here's a breakdown of the folks he does follow:

And that's it.

To be fair, it doesn't actually matter who you follow on Twitter, really. Let's all remember there's a real world out there. And IRL, Jaden probably has enough of a cool time rhyming with his dad, talking about graphic novels with his mom and performing "scientific tests on humanity" with his sis. What a cool fam.