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28 Of The Best Drake Memes From His 28th Year

Aubrey turns 29 today.

Drake's 28th year hasn't been too shabby.

In the last 365, he released two mixtapes that shot to No. 1 on the Billboard 200: If You're Reading This It's Too Late, and What A Time To Be Alive. He came out of a battle with Meek Mill seeming even stronger than before. He looks to be on his way to his first ever Hot 100 No. 1, courtesy of "Hotline Bling." He's been rumored to be romantically involved with Serena Williams. He's focusing on his health -- bulking up in the gym (and showing off the progress).

What he also accomplished over the last year -- and it's something he's been working towards for a while now -- is becoming probably the most meme'd and meme-able celebrity around. He gives fans plenty to work with (he's gotta be plotting to get meme'd with some of these moves at this point), and even plays along and re-posts funny, viral gems.

As he celebrates his 29th birthday on Saturday (Oct. 24), we decided to look back at some (of the many) glorious memes that he inspired over the last year.

  1. Of course, there were lots inspired by the Meek feud.
  2. Merch.
  3. Ones with Nicki.
  4. Movie posters.
  5. Turning into Vince Carter.
  6. Someone's a pro at this.
  7. #MeekBeLike.
  8. Then all the "Hotline Bling" freeze frames.
  9. And "Hotline Bling" clips, like tennis pro Drake.
  10. Whipping up pies.
  11. Plus, #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat.
  12. The If You're Reading This cover remixes.
  13. The whole "Energy" video. Like Drake Bieber.
  14. And Mayor Drake Ford.
  15. Cartoon Drake.
  16. Remember the Diddy mini-beef?
  17. This move.
  18. The weightlifting face.
  19. More workouts.
  20. Even Lil Wayne got in on the Madonna kiss.
  21. What a time.
  22. To be alive.
  23. LeBron loves it.
  24. Man-made fire.
  25. Quentin Miller inspired this one.
  26. Sad face Drake.
  27. Athlete Drake.
  28. The curse of Drake.