Razmig / YouTube

'Stream' Is The Netflix-Themed 'Scream' Parody You Need This Halloween

'Try to find a movie you all agree on — I dare you.'

On Thursday, Oct. 22, digital content producer Razmig dropped the trailer for what could be the season's greatest (parody) horror movie yet: "Stream."

In the fake trailer, directed by Matt and A.J. Detisch, Netflix will literally be the death of you. Six friends are spending the night in, chilling on the couch and getting ready to watch something on the streaming service. Totally normal stuff here. Then, one of them gets a foreboding call à la "Scream."

"Try to find a movie you all agree on -- I dare you," says the murderous villain over the phone. ?

"Or what?" the Drew Barrymore lookalike asks.

"Or I'll kill one of you every 15 minutes," the voice responds. Dun-dun-DUN.

Watch the full trailer below.

H/T Pixable