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'Harry Potter' Fans React To 'Cursed Child': 'Oh My Sweet Jesus I'm Dead'

Fandom is a beautiful thing.

On Friday morning (October 23), J.K. Rowling once again did what she does best -- destroy the universe with soul-shattering news about "Harry Potter." This time around, the news in question is that "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," the previously announced play that will take place in the Potter-verse, will be a sequel to the events of the novels starring Albus Severus Potter. Major.

The play, which will be shown in two parts, won't hit London's West End stage until summer 2016 -- but of course, fans are freaking TF out on Twitter in the here and now. Here's what the Potter-heads are saying:

Some fans were straight up crying.

While many were excited to learn more about a new character.

(Albeit a new character with a dumb name.)

Others were pissed that they don't live in London.

And some fans unfortunately died, RIP.