We're Imagining Ja Rule's New Show 'Follow The Rules' In Alternate Realities

The docu-series debuts on MTV October 26.

"Follow The Rules" is a fitting name for MTV's new docu-series about following Ja Rule's clan -- but like all great titles, it lends itself to jokes. In fact, the rapper himself made a really solid one this weekend that got our imaginations going.

"#FollowTheMules," the family man captioned the Instagram snapshot of some good ol' Moscow Mules -- while putting his rhyming skills to use.

Now, once we finished busting a gut at the funny reference, we started imagining what it would look like if his family actually owned literal mules. And why stop there? What if it was "Follow The Duels" or "Follow The Yules"?

In honor of the show's premiere (October 26!), come with us as we imagine some bizzaro, rhyme-centric takes on the Atkins family:

  • Follow The Mules

    This is just too many pet mules for one show, Ja.

  • Follow The Duels

    En garde, Atkins family!

  • Follow The Fools

    Getting their RenFair game on every week seems a little too nerdy, even for us.

  • Follow The Ghouls

    Boo! It's the modern Munsters.

  • Follow The Jewels

    Ja Rule is the king of collabs, but what if the show was about him being an actual king?

  • Follow The Schools

    If this was the show, we'd be very worried about their student debt.

  • Follow The Tools

    Please excuse our show's appearance while we renovate!

  • Follow The Yules

    Maybe this could be a Christmas special about how Santa Claus is "Always On Time"?

Can you think of any more rhyming alternate realities for the show? Try your hand at it in the comments, and check out the trailer below for the real “Follow the Rules,” which premieres Monday, October 26 at 10/9c on MTV: