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13 Dad Jokes Patty Spivot Would Totally Make At A 'Flash' Family Dinner

Trust us, these jokes are dad-approved.

Just when we thought Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten) couldn't get anymore awesome, she went a pulled a dad joke out of nowhere in this week's episode of "The Flash," thereby permanently endearing us to her charms.

How can any human be this perfectly nerdy and adorable?! Oh, wait... one such human does exist, and his name is Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).

Patty and Barry are two peas in a pod. They have the same humor, geek out over the same things (i.e. Monty Python and forensic reports) and most importantly, when push comes to shove, they'll both throw down for the ones they love. They'll save the world with their happy cheeriness, one LOL-worthy dad joke at a time.

It's only a matter of time before Patty joins Team Flash -- and trust us, we are counting down the seconds. In preparation for that glorious moment, we've predicted 13 incredible dad jokes that Patty will make during her first Flash family dinner.

  • When Barry says, "Hey Patty, how are you?"
  • When Caitlin asks her how she slept.
  • But Patty isn't done telling Caitlin about her night.
  • When Barry notices a cut on her finger.
  • When the conversation turns to work...
  • When Cisco mentions that he's designing a new Flash suit.
  • When Dr. Stein talks about physics and stuff.
  • And then the conversation turns to geometry.
  • When Cisco tells a story about that one time he got stuck in an elevator with Lisa Snart.
  • When Barry asks for milk for his coffee.
  • When someone stupidly brings up religion.
  • When Barry starts talking about a menacing new meta-human.
  • When Iris says she's got to run because she's on a deadline.

Meanwhile, Barry can't stop laughing because dad jokes!

If you have a dad joke you want to share with Patty, you can make your own with the prompts below. Tweet us your best ones with #SpivotDadJokes!