Colin Gray/MTV News

'Pretty Little Liars' Star Keegan Allen Strips Down -- Literally -- On The Set Of His New Movie

Excuse us. We need a moment.

So... um... what? "Pretty Little Liars" star Keegan Allen is stripping down (quite literally) on the set of his new movie -- and unapologetically showing off his impressive man bulge in the process.

But wait! There's more. The film, titled "King Cobra," tells the story of the real-life murder of Bryan Kocis, an adult film producer who founded Cobra Video. Produced by James Franco, the film stars Allen, Christian Slater, Molly Ringwald and Disney Channel star Garrett Clayton Allen. And while we're not 100 percent sure who Allen is portraying in the flick, we're pretty convinced homeboy has a job in the adult entertainment industry. Why else would he be so perfectly sweaty in his Nasty Pigs undies? ("PLL" fans, you may need to sit down before viewing these photos.)

Is anyone else feeling particularly speechless right now?