Lions And Unicorns And Tacos, Oh My! There Are Now 150 New Emoji

Now you can finally text someone a turkey. FINALLY.

On Wednesday Oct. 22, Apple released its latest update to the iOS operating system. In addition to a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo, they updated one of our iPhone's most precious commodities: its emojis.

Now, folks with the update can text new emojis of food, smiley expressions, animals and more. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Smileys and Faces

    There are a slew of new smiley faces, including -- but not limited to -- a thinking face, a hugging face, a nerd face, and a money mouth face, which can Rihanna can now use to add a cute touch to her bill collection.

  • Animals

    There have been many think pieces over the past few years wondering why there was no unicorn emoji. Unicode finally listened and added the beloved mythical creature, in addition to a lion, a scorpion, a dove of peace and more.

  • Food

    The taco emoji was wanted so badly that a Change.org petition was started for it that garnered 32,802 signatures. Now that it, a burrito, hot dogs, champagne and a delightfully orangey block of cheese have joined all those fruit and veggie emojis, perhaps they can turn their attention to petitioning for a Sriracha emoji.

  • The Middle Finger

    This goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: Thank you Apple! We all need this emoji for instances too numerous to count ... but we won't get into them here.

For a full list of new Emoji, check out Emojipedia.