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Do The Time Warp -- Laverne Cox Will Star In 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' TV Reboot

Time for some terrible thrills!

There's only one Tim Curry performance that's even arguably as iconic as his Dr. Frank-N-Furter from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" -- that is, Pennywise the Clown from "Stephen King's IT," shudder -- and before now, we figured that was basically impossible to cast.

But Fox just chose the *perfect* actress to fill his fabulous shoes from "Rocky Horror Picture Show," so maybe nothing is impossible after all.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "Orange is the New Black" star Laverne Cox will lace up for the Transylvanian Convention extraordinaire and we are already shivering with anticipation.

Because Cox is literally the only person we can think of who's savvy and exciting enough to pull off signature lines like, "give yourself over to absolute pleasure" and "don't dream it, be it." Alllll dynamic tension here, team.

"RHPS," which debuted 40 years ago, is being retooled for a two-hour small screen event which will air in fall, 2016.