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Florence Welch Is A Woman Possessed In New 'Delilah' Video

It's weird and wonderful and all the things.

Florence Welch is practically the definition of elegance, but her latest music video casts her in an all-new, far less sophisticated light than we're used to -- and it's oddly unsettling.

In the music vid for "Delilah," the latest from Florence + The Machine's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album, Flo stars as a motel-bound maniac who finds herself in the slumber-clutches of a bed demon, which infects her with a bunch of cray and freaks everyone out.

But then, a braided demon warrior princess comes along to pray the scary away, and that's when things get even weirder, really.

Like her last video, which was equally moody TBH, this one was directed by Vincent Haycock. And the Flo fandom is very into it.

"Delilah" is the sixth track on F+TM's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album, which was released earlier this year. It's the fourth single to be released from the album, following "What Kind of Man," "St. Jude" and "Ship to Wreck."