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Kat Graham Hates Blood, Doesn't Know Why She's On A Show Called 'The Vampire Diaries'

"I get freaked out by any vampire," the "VAMPIRE Diaries" star said.

If you hate blood, then maybe signing on to do a show called "The Vampire Diaries" isn't the best idea. For Kat Graham, however, that's her daily struggle.

"I'm the most squeamish of the bunch, so I get freaked out by any vampire," Graham told MTV News while promoting her new album "Roxbury Drive." "I hate blood. So whenever Ian [Somerhalder] has his fangs in, he's always trying to freak me out, and I just can't deal with it."

It sounds like Graham has a lot in common with Season 1 Bonnie. You know, on the vampire-hating front. Eventually, Bonnie put her feelings aside to help her friends, most of whom turned into vampires, but Graham isn't sympathizing with bloodsuckers anytime soon.

"I really don't know why I've stayed on the show for so long," she joked.

When she's not retching from all of the fake blood around her, Graham and her "Vampire Diaries" co-stars do what any close-knit TV family does on set: make vulgar, ridiculous jokes.

"Every day we do something dumb," she said. "The bloopers that they release on DVD don't really do us justice. We're pretty ridiculous, but probably for legal reasons we can't release those things because they're absolutely vulgar and awful crazy things. We all act like 8-year-old boys, basically."

"It's just a funny set because on the show, everything is so life or death, so when you're on the set, it just makes you want to laugh and crack jokes even more," Graham added. "So we have some good stuff. Any time we do stunts, there's always some silly thing that happens. Just two days ago, I had this scene where I was walking, and I totally just bit it."