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Someone Rapped The Entire 'Back To The Future' Plot

And today's the day we commemorate that.

Why not celebrate "Back To The Future" Day with a hip-hop track and a rap video?

Back in 2006 or so, Futuristic Sex Robotz released their Hotel Coral Essex album, a project they deemed “nerd core” and it featured an entire track dedicated to the classic and beloved time travel trilogy.

A YouTuber loved the song so much they made a super cut of "Back To The Future" to match the song's lyrics and, as Doc would say, Great Scott! The results have been generating mad love since 2007.

Just look at some of the comments:


So with it being "Back to the Future" Day and all, it's kind of a perfect time to play this joint.

Of course, other MCs have also rapped about the trilogy too. So, if you want more for your DeLorean playlist, here are just some examples of how the film series has inspired bars.

  1. A$AP Rocky - "Back To The Future"

    "We back to the future like Marty McFly."

  2. Action Bronson - "Back 2 The Future"

    The title says it all.

  3. Eminem - "Sway Freestyle"

    "Let's take 'em back to the future."

  4. Pusha T - "Don't F--k With Me"

    "Dreams money can buy/ Three racks just spent on my Marty McFlys/ Now I’m back to the future/ my career deja-vu ya/ When you motherf--kers thought I would hardly survive."

  5. Nas - "Land Of Promise"

    "Imagine a contraption that could take us back when/ The world was run by black men/ Back to the future/ Anything can happen."

  6. Childish Gambino - "Both Hands"

    "It's back to the future / 'Cause I'm McFly."

  7. Will Smith - "So Fresh"

    "Stature of a rapper slash actor/ Back to the future on wax/ The future of rap."

  8. Jadakiss - "Welcome To Da Roc"

    "Stand up and pray just to receive my blessings/ Known to go back to the future or to the essence/ So you better get a tutor or either review your lessons."

  9. Cam'Ron - "Dipsh-ts"

    "Get the shovels, y'all, everyone diggin' me/ I'm back to the future, still making history."