'Faking It' Split: Is This Really The End Of Thauren?

The hush-hush couple sadly called it quits — and we're not okay.

All of the secret trysts, covert love notes and blown covers have certainly affected Lauren and Theo's "Faking It" romance, but is their latest breakup really the end of their roller coaster relationship?

During this Monday's installment, the queen bee went to Hester High's prom without the undercover cop -- and since dates were required in order to attend the extravaganza (Theo's gig sort of stood in the way), the teen was forced to accept another guy's promposal. Thanks for the new rule, Principal Turner (NOT!).

But when Amy's stepsister finally arrived at "Promageddon" with her school-mandated "date," Theo surprised his girlfriend with a top-secret mini-prom-within-a-prom. Unfortunately, before Lauren could really experience T's incredibly sweet gesture, she was whisked to the dance floor at the main event.

While busting a serious move, the conservative blonde had a major epiphany: Having a connection with someone out in the open was extremely refreshing. Lauren decided she didn't want to keep secrets anymore -- especially after being outed as intersex -- so she approached Theo in the hopes that he'd understand. Unfortunately, he couldn't be so honest about their status.

"You know I can't do that -- I'll lose my job. So what are you saying? This is it? This is...the end?" he said. Ooof. While it was all going down, we had made the same face as Lauren:

What do you think: Should Lauren continue to cope with their current arrangement so Theo can keep his law enforcement gig? Or should Theo sacrifice his career for the girl he loves? Or are the endearing duo finished? Let us know in the comments section below, and see what's in store for Thauren on this week's "Faking It" on Monday at 9:30/8:30c.