The 9 Most Iconic Disney Channel Halloween Episodes — Ranked

Nostalgia comin' atcha in 3...2...1...

It's almost Halloween, which means you need to drop what you're doing and rewatch all the OG Disney Channel Halloween episodes STAT. You and I both know these episodes were some of the best from the shows' series. There were penguin jockeys, haunted paintings and Proud Scary Snax. Oh, my!

All these episodes have remained in our hearts years after airing, but some stood out more than others. Check out our ranking of the these nine Disney Channel Halloween episodes.

  1. Disney

    Miley Cyrus did double duty in this episode, playing dual roles. When Miley's cousin Luann (played by Cyrus) comes to visit during Halloween, things get heated. She eventually ties up Miley and vows to reveal to the world that Miley is actually Hannah Montana. Besides seeing two Mileys at once, this episode was good, but not nearly as iconic (or scary) as some others.

  2. Disney

    In order to spice up the Russo family's haunted house, Alex travels to the Wizard World and grabs some ghosts to help out. Unfortunately, the ghosts aren't frightening at all, except for Mantooth, who's able to distort his family into something sinister. Everyone runs away screaming, so the night was a success. This beats out "Hannah Montana" mainly for the uber creepy face Mantooth makes.

  3. Disney

    Kim is so not feeling trick-or-treating with Ron Stoppable again this Halloween. So, she *gasps* lies to him and her family, so she can go to a party and try to woo Josh Mankey. But, because she has some liquid metal thingamabob on her wrist, thanks to Dr. Drakken, her lies have a type of Pinocchio effect — except instead of her nose growing bigger, she slowly turns into a robot. What.

  4. Disney

    After Penny eats Oscar's Proud Scary Snax, she ~magically~ develops superpowers. Using her newfound strength and skills, she fights the Gross Sisters and also saves her family from being destroyed be an angry ghost. Suga Mama is dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, and Lil' Romeo has a cameo. What more could you want?

  5. Disney

    Zack, Cody, London, Maddie and Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez decide to camp out in the abandoned suite 613, that's supposedly haunted. After several fright gags and a verrrrry creepy séance, it's revealed to all be a prank on Zack. Of course, at the end of the episode, the twins see a woman crawl into a painting, and then run out of the room screaming. Same.

  6. Disney

    When Phil and Keely learn Debbie is a cyborg, they do everything in their power to stop her, all while wearing a two-headed hockey player costume. Debbie goes bonkers and enslaves Pim and other students to make 50,000 cupcakes for the needy, but she quickly overheats due to stress (we've all been there) and melts into a puddle of brown goo. Iconic, duh.

  7. Disney

    If this episode didn't scare you as a kid, you're lying to yourself. After Kate disses Miranda's Day of the Dead skeletons, they come to life and wreak havoc on the school. JK, but they do scare the sh-t outta Kate, which was the whole goal of Lizzie's revenge prank. This episode was definitely iconic because I still have nightmares about those skeletons.

  8. Disney

    This episode had it all: eyeless students, an excessive amount of milk and Louis' head on top of Ren's body. Evil Ren, channeling Maleficent, steals everyone's eyeballs right out of their heads. Louis tries to get away, but things don't end too well for him. Of course, the episode is revealed to be just "a very scary story" Louis tells Beans. Or was it? Dun, dun, dun! And come on, any Disney character missing his or her eyes is iconic as it gets, well almost...

  9. Disney

    What could be more iconic than Raven and Chelsea turning into COWS — complete with hooves, snouts and *ahem* cud. Gross. After accidentally dropping her "Don't Eat Meat" button into their spell concoction, the girls are turned into cows. There was mooing involved. If that's not iconic, then I don't know what is.

? Happy Halloween! ?