Jennifer Lawrence Is Such A #Boss In These GIFs, We Can't Even


Today brought us a new trailer for Jennifer Lawrence's latest star turn, "Joy." The movie looks awesome, but moreover, JLaw looks wicked badass as anything in it. From her slowly delivered line of telling her parents when they could speak on her behalf (never, FYI) to that BA walk down the street, it looks like Lawrence is totally delivering when it comes to being a #GirlBoss.

Here are our 10 favorites from the new trailer.

  1. Advice for life.
  2. Walking with purpose.
  3. Showing this car who's boss.
  4. This self-transformation.
  5. This moment of self-realization.
  6. A moment of real-talk from your friendly neighborhood JLaw.
  7. "Do you pick up the gun, Joy?"
  8. Oh yeah, she does.
  9. "Listen to me: never speak on my behalf about my business again."
  10. And, of course, this essential moment in life.