Even Sadio's 'Awkward' Breakup Can't Keep Molly Tarlov and Niko Pepaj Apart

Reunited and it feels so good!

Sadie and Sergio may be on the outs (did you see the latest "Awkward" episode?), but the actors behind the quirky characters are thankfully doing just fine in real life.

Molly Tarlov and Niko Pepaj (aka Sadio) spent some QT together outside of the food truck after a SAG screening and Q&A centered around the long-running comedy in Los Angeles -- and the fan-favorite MTV ship couldn't be any more presh behind-the-scenes.

"Your babies #sadio," Molly added along with the affectionate Instagram snapshot above featuring Palos Hills' finest.

Niko shared the same cute Instagram photograph -- avec a filter -- and gushed that it felt "so good" to be reunited with his "boo." It does feel so good, N.

But back to the duo's on-screen alter egos: Do you hope Sadie and Sergio are able to patch things up and stay together? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to catch new episodes of “Awkward" Mondays at 9/8c!