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Demi Lovato Slept Right Through This Adorable Photo Shoot

Wilmer Valderrama has mastered the art of Sleeping Girlfriend Photography.

Leave it to Demi Lovato to take a cuter picture while sleeping than the rest of us ever have in our entire waking life.

Demi was way off in dreamland when boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama sneakily snapped a photo of her, paying tribute to her hard work on her new album... and paying her back for that time she posted a photo of him passed out on her lap. (Which, lest you've forgotten, was adorable.)

"It must be EXHAUSTING to be that #Confident," Wilmer wrote. "This lil angel created an inspirational & emotional journey.. Then she sprinkled bad ass dust on it! GO GET #ConfidentOniTunes! Oh and.. Demi? #Payback hahaha."

Meanwhile, you must admire Wilmer's guts in putting this on the 'gram. Taking a pic of your sleeping GF is a bold move, and if you don't execute it perfectly, your next social media move might be changing your Facebook relationship status to "freshly dumped."

But clearly, Wilmer knows all the primary tenets of Sleeping Girlfriend Photography:

1. Closed-mouth pics ONLY.

2. Use a flattering filter.

3. Put your giant, scruffy face in the foreground to make her look even better by comparison.

And of course:

4. Be Wilmer Valderrama. Because that guy can get away with anything.