One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ Video Is Here — And It’s Literally Perfect


If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms… you’re going to love One Direction’s music video for “Perfect.”

Just hours after worrying fans by canceling a concert in Belfast on Tuesday night (Oct. 20) — reportedly due to Liam Payne falling ill — the guys gave Directioners reason to be elated again by dropping the stylish new video.

In the black-and-white clip, we see the four guys separately hanging out in a swanky hotel. There’s DJ Payne-o plugging away on his laptop and getting a tattoo (!!!), Niall Horan playing guitar and putting golf balls into a mug, Louis Tomlinson giving an interview, and Harry Styles trying on jackets and blessing us with this fantastic spin maneuver:


Before long, the guys get together and start messing about — LiLo fans will be especially happy to see Liam and Louis kicking around a soccer (er, sorry, “football”) ball and having a pillow fight. It all culminates with a rooftop performance that’s utterly gorgeous against a nighttime cityscape.

Watch the video below and tell us your favorite part in the comments!