Walt Disney

Watch A Real-Life Cinderella Change From Rags To Riches In Seconds

Magic is real, folks.

The way Cinderella changes from a housemaid to a finely dressed woman ready for the ball is an iconic Disney movie scene. Let's remind ourselves what that looks like:

Walt Disney

Being able to recreate that feeling of that magical moment in real life seems impossible -- just like the song -- but it's not. Rumble posted a video of a woman from Bubbly Bee Cosplays making a stunning Cinderella quick-change IRL, and in less than 20 seconds.

Bubbly Bee's costume is pretty similar to the dress in the Broadway version of "Cinderella." The quick-change concept that dress does has inspired many to make their own homemade versions of it as well.

Bubbly Bee's dress has recently gone viral on Imgur. In only one day, the transformation has more than five million views. Godspeed to anyone trying to figure out how to make one of their own in time for Halloween!

Watch the amazing video below.


H/T Cosmo.com