Which States Will Be The Most Tricked Out In Disney Princess Costumes This Halloween?

The answer may surprise you.

As Halloween gets closer, time is running out to decide what badass costume you're going to wear. Will you channel your inner Disney Pixar, Queen Bey or even emoji?

Ever wonder what the rest of the folks in your state are most likely going to wear as their costume? The people at Influenster said they "surveyed over 40,000 [Influenster users] state by state to find out which costumes [they'll] be donning for this year's All Hallow's Eve."

The results were across the board, from Disney princesses, to Harley Quinn, to skulls. If you want to know where the biggest "Frozen" fans are, check out New Hampshire and North Carolina. Both states had Elsa as the most popular Halloween costume. Clearly, they won't let it go. (Sorry.)

AOL made a great video that visually shows each state's preferred costume. Check it out below.

For a more detailed look at your own state, click here.

H/T E! Onine