These Adorable Dancing Tampons Are Here To Mercilessly Crush Period Stigma

They've got so much flow.

It's safe to say that periods get a bad rap. They're often the source of cramps, headaches and unfunny sexist jokes (which will also give you headaches).

But now, some unlikely crusaders are sticking it to period stigma once and for all.

In an effort to teach kids about menstruation, a Swedish children’s public service channel stations has started airing a video called "The Period Song," which features a crew of googly eyed tampons. They're joined by TV host Alexander Hermansson, who sings about why periods are actually pretty chill and nothing to be ashamed of.

Some of the key players include:

Pirate Tampon

Royal Tampon

And (Probably) Axl Rose Tampon

The Guardian reports that earlier this year the channel also aired a video "featuring animated dancing genitals."

As Feministing (rightfully) notes, "Obviously the video isn’t perfect. Body normativity! ('The body working as it should.') Cisnormativity! ('It’s something that happens to girls sometimes.') Weird PMS half-jokes! ('We just need to be a little patient.')"

That being said, we're all for the idea that period stigma sucks and desperately needs dismantling. Who better to do it than dancing tampons with googly eyes?

You can check out the full video below.