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Vin Diesel Holding A Flaming Sword Is Pure Joy In Human Form

He lives his life one flaming sword at a time.

What is joy? What is happiness? Is it having a really good meal? Curling up with your favorite book? Or perhaps, if you're Vin Diesel, it's wielding a flaming sword at the premiere for your new movie "The Last Witch Hunter."

Look, we already knew Diesel can rock a carpet like no other -- like that time he wore stilts to the premiere of "Guardians of the Galaxy." But the look of pure, raw, beaming sunshine pouring out of Diesel's face when he picked up a flaming sword last night (October 19) in London is a state few men achieve outside of months of meditation.

  • Everything starts out pretty serious...
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  • SUPER serious...
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  • Then -- something changes.
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    A smile...

  • JOY.
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  • Live every day like you're Vin Diesel holding a flaming sword.
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