Ahmed Mohamed Went Stargazing With The President

The teen joined other young science enthusiasts for astronomy night at the White House.

Ahmed Mohamed, the most famous kid ever to be arrested for science, made his much-anticipated visit to the White House Monday (Oct. 19), and had an astronomically good time.

Ahmed, 14, was one of many science and space enthusiasts in attendance at the White House's second astronomy night, an event that brings together students and teachers for a litte state-sponsored stargazing.

This was the latest stop on a global tour for Ahmed, who has been meeting with world leaders and media outlets since making headlines with his homemade clock back in September.

Ahmed brought the clock to school to show to his engineering teacher, who advised him not to show it to anyone else; another teacher notified authorities when the device started beeping inside Ahmed's backpack. He was brought to the police station for questioning, and a photo of the moment, with Ahmed in handcuffs and wearing a NASA t-shirt, spurred nationwide outrage and an #IStandWithAhmed campaign on Twitter.

Among Ahmed's early supporters was President Obama, who tweeted a message inviting the teen to bring his love of science to the White House.

Per the New York Times, Ahmed didn't bring his clock to the astronomy night, but he did get a hello and a Presidential hug from Obama.