Can Sadie Saxton Truly Change Her 'Awkward' Ways?

Sergio, for one, says he's had enough of her legendary temper.

For a second, it seemed like it was all coming up roses for Sadie Saxton. Across her senior year of high school, Palos Hills’ Queen Bee has been accepted to Columbia, cultivated a relationship with someone who’s not threatened by her resolve and repaired a fractured bond with her mother Darlene. But, during an unfortunate dinner, Sadie got reason to believe that Darlene’s attempts to reconnect may have been a farce, and after tonight’s “Awkward” episode, Sergio officially gave up on the cheerleader too. Let’s hope the Ivy League didn’t admit her by mistake…

While the better part of PHHS was planning outrageous, sunshiny Promposals for dream dates, Sadie found herself stuck squarely beneath her own personal rain cloud. And when Sergio eagerly shared news that he’d bought his own food truck and was planning to start his own business, Sadie ripped him a new one. She scolded him for planting his feet in town when he knew that she had a move to New York City on the horizon, and ended the conversation by insinuating they might as well break up if he didn’t plan to follow her to the East Coast.

Later, upon realizing her error and how important Sergio was to her happiness, Sadie apologized for her outburst and admitted her drama with Darlene got the best of her. But Sergio, whose back was already raw from Sadie’s many tongue lashings, finally had enough.

“That’s the thing with you, Sadie — it’s always something,” he said, insisting she’d never change. “It’s always about you… All I want to do is love you, and you fight me every step of the way. I can’t fight anymore.”

We’ve known Sadie for a while, and while her venom could still cut through a steel wall, there’s no doubt she’s spitting a little less lately. So, is Sergio dead wrong, and can she change? After all, independently of her Darlene-fueled anger, we’d say she’s a little softer these days. Or is Sergio right, and will Sadie always be her own worst enemy? Share your thoughts, and be sure to see how she deals with her dumping on “Awkward” next Monday at 9/8c!