Chris Hemsworth Was Actually The Villain In This Crazy ‘Cabin In The Woods’ Fan Theory

Say it ain't so, Thor!

Remember that super meta horror film starring Thor — ahem — I mean, Chris Hemsworth? "The Cabin in the Woods" blew audiences away with its crazy twist, making people think the film was just going to be yet another bad horror movie, filled with predictable plot points.

Thankfully, the Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard flick thoroughly surprised audiences by making the five kids in the woods actually have their fate controlled by a bunch of weirdos in an underground lair known as Facility. (Notice "Facility" is capitalized — that proves it means business.)

In case you don't remember, Hemsworth's character Curt Vaughan tried to escape the massacre committed by a "zombie redneck torture family," and as he jumped on his motorcycle to try and get help, he literally hit an invisible wall and fell to his death. Womp womp. That kind of thing would've never happened to Thor.

However, Reddit user NinjaBreadManOO is not convinced Curt wasn't in on the whole game from the get-go. (Say it ain't so, Thor!) NinjaBreadManOO supplied some pretty strong evidence, so let's take a look at it below.

  1. Curt is the person who led the kids to the cabin in the first place.

    "At the start of the movie Curt tells them that his cousin is lending them the cabin, but at the end Marty says that he doesn't even think Curt has a cousin... The Facility needed someone to instigate the sacrifices and nobody else to actually go to the cabin, [so] the easiest way to do this would be to have the person suggesting it be aware of who needs to go. Curt both suggests it and seems to be the only one to have a connection to everybody that is there."

  2. Curt urges the group to get in and out of the gas station, instead of lingering and dealing with the rude old dude.

    "While traveling [to the cabin], they have to [stop at the gas station] as part of the ritual [to] meet Mordecai... Curt is the driver and pulls into the station, and then when Mordecai insults Jules, who is Curt's girlfriend, Marty goes to defend her... [However], Curt merely throws the money at him and makes them continue [onward], instead of causing a conflict that would keep them there."

  3. When the gang investigates the basement, everyone picks up one object each — except Curt.

    "When they go into the basement to choose their fate, everybody picks up one of the summoning object[s] with the exception being Curt, who picks up two: the conch and the puzzle ball... Why would he pick up a second thing instead of investigating what was already in his hand, unless he was either looking for a specific item or apprehensive about what it would cause to happen?"

  4. Curt manages to get his girlfriend Jules (Anna Hutchison) alone, then the zombie redneck torture family kills her.

    "After the summoning happens, [Curt] takes Jules (who the Facility says has to be the first to die) outside [and] away from the group, to a location specifically made to ensure she completes her role and then immediately die."

  5. Since Curt was the gang's RV getaway driver, did he actually do everything in his power to get them away safely?

    "When [the group is] heading towards/through the tunnel, [Curt] could have gone slower to give the Facility enough time to blow the tunnel... When they do, he is prepared to immediately reverse, as if he knew the tunnel would not work."

  6. There was only one motorcycle on a trip with five people? Really?

    "If you are going to a cabin with friends, [why] would you take only one dirt-bike when it would normally be a group activity?... Holden also seems like he would do things like that with Curt all the time. Simple: It was supposed to be his escape strategy. If they had a second bike, someone else could have tried to go with him and that couldn't be allowed to happen."

  7. Curt's reason for his behavior could be because he was told he'd get to be the "hero."

    "If beforehand Curt was told that his role was "the hero" instead of the athlete, then this would explain his motivation... To him (and the Facility) it is heroic to make the sacrifice to save the world, [and] then he makes the heroic speech before he makes the heroic jump to go and get reinforcements."

So, what did we learn? Thor betrayed his friends and was indirectly responsible for their deaths. Also, this movie is pure awesomesauce.

H/T Reddit