These Amazing Disney Pixar Costumes Will Inspire You To DIY This Halloween

Warning: they might also make you want to burst into tears because Pixar.

So you wanna be "Big Hero 6" scene-stealer Baymax for Halloween this year, but maybe you're overwhelmed at the prospect of finding a giant, hydro-powered robotic synthformer suit? Don't worry. DIY guru Lauren Riihimaki has your back.

The YouTuber's latest video will show you how you can pull off three iconic Disney/Pixar looks -- Baymax, Minnie Mouse and the incomparable Mike Wazowski -- without breaking the bank. Being Baymax has honestly never looked easier! (Although, keep in mind that you'll have to provide your own tissues because duh, this is Disney Pixar we're talking about here, so wherever you go, tears will follow.)

And just in case you're looking for more Disney Pixar inspiration, here are some of our favorite DIY looks from Halloweens past.