5 Inspiring Truth Bombs Bethany Mota Dropped At BeautyCon NYC

'You just can't keep thinking about it. Dreaming is great, but you have to take action.'

For makeup obsessives, BeautyCon NYC is basically heaven on Earth -- but much more sparkly. Oh, and Bethany Mota is also there.

On Saturday, Oct. 16, the event brought together your favorite beauty inspirations from YouTube, Instagram and beyond. But the day was much more than just talking about lipstick and how to achieve perfect power brows -- it was bursting with awesome advice from building your presence online to shaking off negativity, whether it's brought on by others or even yourself.

Since starting her own channel six years ago at the age of 13, the prom queen of YouTube has learned a couple of lessons along the way. Not only is she one of the most successful vloggers on the Internet boasting over 9.5 million subscribers, but she's also interviewed President Obama, released a single, launched her own fashion line with Aéropostale and kicked major butt as a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars." Sitting down with editor Joe Zee, Beth shared her powerful words of wisdom with fans.

1. Don't pigeonhole yourself.

Just because you started out doing one thing on YouTube doesn't mean you have to limit yourself. Like Beth, you can experiment and try different things on your channel, whether it's beauty, fashion or DIY. As Beth said, "Never put yourself in a box."

2. Be yourself. 

Sure it might sound cheesy, but in the sea of saturation that is YouTube, it's all about *~you doing you~* in order to stand out. According to Beth, ask yourself: "What's my style? What do I love? What am I genuinely passionate about and what do I want to share with the world?" If you're unsure about what kind of content you want to create, these questions are a great place to start.

3. Just do it. 

Seriously. "You just can't keep thinking about it," said Beth. "Dreaming is great, but you have to take action."

On stage, Bethany mentioned that she was cyber-bullied when she was younger and struggled with self-confidence. Starting her own YouTube channel helped to get it back. "People will say that you can't, but you can," said Beth. "You owe it to yourself to go after your dreams."

4. Don't be afraid to speak up. 

"You should never be ashamed to speak up what you're going through," said Beth. "Dealing with bullying is difficult. It affected my confidence. I didn't want to leave my room for months because of what people said online. It all comes to down to developing confidence in yourself and not needing to rely on anyone else for your happiness."

5. Take risks. 

There's pressure doing what everyone else is doing. "I started putting up bloopers [on YouTube] and became more comfortable. Allow yourself to break free and show yourself who you really are. People will appreciate that authenticity."

And just remember: "You don't have to audition for YouTube," said Bethany. "You don't have to look a certain way. If I have an idea, I don't have to run it by anybody."

Ya hear that? Now go forth and create. ???