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Here’s A Look At What Katy Perry Did Before “I Kissed A Girl"

From singing with Mick Jagger to being the leading lady, Katy's done it all.

News broke earlier this week that Katy Perry was once a backup singer for the Christian alternative metal band P.O.D., contributing vocals to their 2006 song "Goodbye For Now" and even performing with the band on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

You can see KP (rockin' high boots and gripping the mic) most clearly around the 3:30 mark here:

But as we've pointed out before, Katy's had a long, storied career that actually began before her big breakthrough in 2007 with "I Kissed A Girl." She was a Christian songwriter herself (under the name Katy Hudson) and popped up on stray tracks and in music videos for other artists' songs. Katy kept busy, it's clear.

Here's a quick look at what she did in the direct lead-up to her big '07 arrival with "I Kissed A Girl."