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Nicholas Hoult Is A Very Bad Man In This 'Kill Your Friends' Trailer

The title says it all.

Nicholas Hoult is so good at being good. He's got that handsome heartwarmer thing down to a Beast-approved science, for sure. Hell, even when he played a brain-eating zombie he was still lovable AF (see: "Warm Bodies"). So, it might come as something of a surprise when you see just how great he is at being bad ... like, soooo bad.

In this trailer for "Kill Your Friends," Hoult portrays a hot British record exec whose utter ruthlessness knows exactly zero bounds -- up to and including killing off his in-house competition to ensure his own job security.

His character in this pic is called Stelfox, which is a perfect primer for his undercover maniacal ways, but everyone seems to trust in his hunky party boy ways and his victims just do not see it coming.

Watch -- and prepare to find yourself filling out your next who'll-play-the-villain-in-X-movie ballots with Nick's name.