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Carrie Underwood's Newest Song Is A Heartbreak Bandit

Here's the fist pump-worthy track we've been waiting for.

Carrie Underwood's newest album Storytellers might be ready to showcase her new love of mommydom, but she's still got some of those signature revenge anthems left in her system, too.

And "Regenade Runaway," the first track on her fifth studio album, is exactly the kind of turn-the-volume-way-up twang ballad that we've been hoping to hear. Prepare to have this stuck in your head for the next year once you click play.

The song debuted at People on Friday (Oct. 16), presenting the story of Carrie's latest fierce girl -- this time, a gal who "looks like an angel" but is actually a "devil in a satin dress" who'll "play ya like a heartbreak bandit."

"Renegade" is the third tune from Underwood's Storytellers album, which drops next week -- after her "Heartbeat" collab with Sam Hunt and the lead single, "Smoke Break."

BRB. We gotta go blast this one a few hundred times to get ready for the weekend now.