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Student Takes His Senior Pics At 7-Eleven, Wins The Internet's Hearts

These are better than a Coke Slurpee.

When high school senior Stefano Peiris took his senior portraits, he paid homage to one of the greatest convenience stores of all-time: 7-Eleven. His photographer, Tammy James of 60 Minute Photo, happily obliged this ~unusual~ request.

Peiris, from Hermiston, Ore., posed around the store, which his family owns. He then uploaded the hilarious pics to Twitter. His tweet was retweeted nearly 35K times and favorited over 57K times. Casual.

“I’ve actually been thinking about this for a few years for how to make my senior pictures funny,” Peiris told Hermiston Herald. “I try to be funny as much as I can because I like to make people laugh. I actually won an award for best comedian from my high school last year.”

In fact, Peiris' Instagram is full of his clever pranks:

“When you look back at it, you can either pose on a tree with your arms crossed like everybody else, or you can be different,” Peiris continued. “It’s always better to be different.”

Check out the priceless pics below.

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