Fall Out Boy Invite Demi Lovato -- And Doug The Pug -- To Remix 'Irresistible' And It's Adorably Badass

Move over, Air Bud.

When I heard that Demi Lovato was going to be on a Fall Out Boy song, I didn't expect there to be dogs involved. But I can say that I'm pleasantly surprised.

FOB enlisted Demi to remix their American Beauty/American Psycho album opener"Irresistible," and she made it soar with her crazy-high notes. Demi gives the song a feisty boost by singing a whole octave higher than Patrick Stump on the chorus. She shares the verses with him as they go back and forth, as Demi gets a little evil, singing, "I still love the way I hurt you."

And even though the song gets dark and masochist at times, Internet sensation Doug the Pug is here to save the day. The lil' nugget was tapped to recreated the guys' original "Irresistible" video, which had them playing basketball in short-shorts. The band tweeted that there is an official video on the way.

“I think demi lovato has one of the most powerful voices today,” the band wrote on their blog. “so we worked through an afternoon and she just got it. excited for you guys to hear this new version of the song on friday.”

Today must be Demi Day because Lovato's Confident is also out.

Also, Fall Out Boy is going on tour, cleverly named #Wintour, starting in February. Maybe we'll see Demi as a surprise guest...