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'Arrow': The Definitive Ranking of Every Character We Want Brought Back Via Lazarus Pit

As long as you're in Nanda Parbat...

On this week's "Arrow," Thea and Laurel hatched a plan to take off for Nanda Parbat, Sara's corpse in tow, for a swim in the Lazarus Pit.

We are so into this storyline, but is it OK if we make a few stops on the way? The thing is: there are a few other deceased "Arrow" characters we wouldn't mind bringing back to life. You know, while we're at it. (And, apparently, continuing to eschew permanent death as a consequence in this fictional universe.)

Here are the 13 "Arrow" characters we most want brought back from the dead, listed from least to most interested...

  1. Flashback Wig
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    We know, we know. "Arrow" just got rid of this thing... but we miss it already. How are we supposed to tell when it's flashback and when it's present-day?! We are rudderless in the timeline! (OK, fine. We'll look for trees vs. city or something.)

  2. Akio
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    Akio was far duller than any kid with two ninjas as parents deserved to be, but he was pretty sweet, so... why not?

  3. Maseo
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    We want Maseo to come back just so Tatsu gets the happy ending she deserves. (Unless she's already found some hot yoga instructor to date or something, in which case... never mind.)

  4. Sebastian Blood
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    Sebastian Blood was a surprisingly nuanced character for a dude who had his own mother institutionalized to cover up his father's murder. He just loved the city, you know?

  5. Floyd Lawton/Deadshot
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    Deadshot's death was untimely and weird. We blame it on the "Suicide Squad" movie. But maybe WB/DC won't notice if we bring this guy back to life? Just everyone stay quiet about it, OK?

  6. Yao Fei
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    Not to be confused with Yao Fern (not listed). Yao Fei was a super skilled warrior and taught Oliver everything he knows about cooking a chicken. Dude deserves a post-Lazarus Pit vacay with his daughter: Shado's identical twin sister.

  7. Shado

    Shado got a terrible deal. She lost her dad, then lost her life on that terrible island. We say bring Shado back not only because she was a pre-med warrior who taught Oliver how to shoot, but because it would seriously mess with Slade's head. Also, how awkward would it be when Shado asks for her dad's hood back?

  8. Isabel Rochev
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    Summer Glau was criminally underutilized in "Arrow" season 2. Also, she's Summer Glau. She makes every show better.

  9. Andy Diggle
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    Diggle would probably be opposed to bringing his long-dead bro back from the dead, but now that H.I.V.E. is skulking around, it could totally be plot-relevant!

  10. Robert Queen
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    How does the Lazarus Pit do with gunshot wounds to the head? Because the return of Robert Queen and Oliver's unresolved daddy issues would be SO awesomely dramatic.

  11. Tommy Merlyn

    How has Malcolm Merlyn not thrown his own dear son into the Lazarus Pit yet? Or has he?! We can't be the only ones waiting for some random League of Assassins member to pull down his mask and reveal Evil!Tommy Merlyn, forever changed by The Pit, underneath. Can we?

  12. Moira Queen

    Mother, mayor, occasional villain. Was there anything this woman couldn't do? Nope. And the TV universe got a little darker the second this character sacrificed her life for her children. Her death was so fitting, it's hard to wish for her resurrection. But, if anyone's going to claw her way back from the dead, it's this lady.

  13. Sara Lance
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    Guys, it's happening. We don't even have to hope for this one because it is real. There is footage. And Sara gets to be on her own "Arrow" spin-off. All hail the power of the Lazarus Pit.