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T.I. Apologizes For His Comments About Women (Again)

Tip claims he meant to be humorous, not hurtful.

T.I. quickly apologized after saying that he wouldn't “vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman" and now, two days later, he's released another apology in video form.

"I said some things that were insensitive and hurtful to women so I apologize," he said in the video, which he posted on Facebook. "I never intended to be taken as though I felt women couldn’t be leaders. That was not my intention. I know better than that."

Tip went on to say that his comments were made on The Whoollywood Shuffle, a radio program that he feels lends itself to "barbershop talk."

"We say a lot of outrageous things, talk about a lot of taboo topics, have a lot of barbershop talk, say somethings that are borderline inappropriate, borderline offensive for more laughs and shock value," he said. "We’ve done this several times before, about several other things. However, this time, I reached for a joke that was in very poor taste using a stereotype associated to women that I should not have done.

"I’m holding myself accountable," he added. "If I said anything that was hurtful or inappropriate, I apologize. My intention was only to be humorous, not to disrespect in anyway."

Many people -- including Soledad O'Brien -- responded to his claims with disappointment. Tip's wife Tiny said he's sometimes sexist and Oprah told Tip to "hush" his mouth. T.I. replied to O in this video, too.

"Oprah, you’ve been in my house before," he said. "You know me better than that."

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