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These Are The 14 Best 'Flash' Fanvids, For Every Kind of Fan

Reliving our favorite elements of "The Flash" — one fanvid at a time.

If you've ever wandered into fandom, then you know that fanvids are works of art. More than that, they are a way for the fans to take a story they love and make it their own by highlighting a specific relationship, theme, or episode.

"The Flash" fandom has some seriously talented vidders creating some seriously awesome fanvids. Here are 14 of our favorites — for the many kinds of "The Flash" fan...

  1. For "The Flash" fan who appreciates a recap of Barry's epic journey.

    Also good for convincing your friends to watch the show.

  2. For "The Flash" fan who loves the humor.

    Guys, this show can be REALLY funny.

  3. For the Iris West fan.

    Because the goddess that is Iris West does not get nearly enough love.

  4. For the Eobard Thawne fan.

    You have to admit: this guy's got style.

  5. For "The Flash" fan who can't wait for Cisco to become Vibe.

    Or who just love Cisco with or without superpowers.

  6. For "The Flash" and "Arrow" fan who recognizes who's really in charge.

    Who run the Flarrow world? Girls.

  7. For "The Flash" fan who is also a WestAllen shipper.

    Gah, the way this fanvid slowly builds is beautiful. It manages to capture some of the most dramatic moments from the WestAllen story so far, while also highlighting the little things — like Iris knowing that Barry loved that mug — that make this dynamic so great.

  8. For the WestAllen shipper who loves their backstory.

    There is nothing sweeter than Little Iris telling Little Barry that she believes in him.

  9. For "The Flash" fan who is also a SnowBarry shipper.

    One of the reasons the SnowBarry dynamic is so compelling is because these two have both lost someone and, partially through their friendship with one another, have been able to move past that loss. Also: karaoke.

  10. For the SnowBarry shipper who loves that Caitlin is a doctor.

    Guys, what would he do without her?

  11. For "The Flash" fan who loves the Team Flash dynamic.

    Any fanvid list would be incomplete without at least one fanvid set to "Shake It Off."

  12. For "The Flash" fan who is eagerly awaiting "Supergirl."

    Given that these TV shows are on different networks, odds are against an epic superhero crossover... but how cool would that be?!

  13. For "The Flash" fan who's still hoping Felicity and Barry might get together.

    I'm gonna be honest here: anyone still on the Barricity bandwagon is probably on the course for heartbreak, but when has that ever stopped anyone from shipping before? These two are adorable together. As far as I'm concerned, Felicity is welcome in Central City anytime.

  14. For "The Flash" fan who loves Joe and Barry.

    So, every "The Flash" fan, right? How can you NOT love the scenes between these two? It is the absolute heart of this show and, I'm going to be honest: Internet, there needs to be about 1,000 percent more Joe/Barry fanvids. Make it happen.