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Game Took Our Quiz On The Documentary And -- Well, He Tried His Best

The album turned ten this year.

In January of this year, The Documentary, Game's classic debut album, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Even these years later, it stands the test of time: The beats still slap; the guests are still impeccable; and Game's hardened bravado is still as raw as ever.

Last week, he carried on the legacy of the album with The Documentary 2, his sixth solo effort and a sequel to the 2005 favorite. On Friday, he'll do that once more, when he releases The Documentary 2.5, packed with a slew of features, including Lil Wayne and Nas.

But when Game visited MTV News recently, I decided to celebrate the original Documentary in a different way: By giving the rapper a quiz about his own album. Maybe I should have given him a heads up so he could've bumped it on the ride over.