'My Best Friend's Wedding' Is Getting A TV Show Sequel And We're Saying A Little Prayer For It

And also asking questions.

Here's some news that has us singing for joy: classic rom-com "My Best Friend's Wedding" is reportedly getting the sequel treatment as a TV show on ABC.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show would pick up right where the 1997 Julia Roberts-Cameron Diaz movie left off, immediately post-wedding. Julianne (played by Roberts in the original film) returns to her life as a food critic in New York, accompanied by BFF George (played by Rupert Everett in the movie).

We're saying a little prayer that this dream turns into reality, but in the meantime, we have a few questions.

  • What?

    THIS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE. (Those are excited all-caps, not angry, don't get us wrong.)

  • Will there be karaoke?

    This is our biggest question. "My Best Friend's Wedding" veers into musical territory several times, and we'd need the TV show to do the same. Maybe a song-of-the-week selection? Thematic (terrible) karaoke?

  • Who will be the next Julianne and George?

    As if anyone could ever really fill the shoes of Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett, but who's going to try? We're going to need some great big hair and great big smiles, natch.

  • Will there be a baby?

    You know what they say: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... Will Michael and Kimmy get a bun in the oven? Or, in another interesting twist, we could totally see Jules deciding to stop waiting for someone to chase her and be happy with herself, man or no. We could totally see her choosing single motherhood for herself. (Maybe Michael could be the sperm donor. Plot twist.)

  • What major life event will Jules ruin next?

    Is she going to stress-smoke her way into stealing a baby from a christening? Interrupt a bris? Make a scene at a wake? More importantly: can this life event drama please involve singing and dancing? It's the only way.

  • Can we please, please have another wedding?

    Even though Julianne was a certified terrible maid of honor, a wedding is the very best setting for shenanigans. We'd die for a multi-episode wedding arc. Plus, who knows, maybe she could redeem herself.