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'The Vampire Diaries': Michael Malarkey Previews Enzo And Bonnie's 'Exciting' New Relationship

Could Bonnie be Enzo's "unexpected" new bae?

Enzo made his choice clear on the Season 7 premiere of "The Vampire Diaries" when he turned on Caroline and kidnapped her for Lily Salvatore and her madcap Heretics. So how will Enzo's betrayal choice play out in Thursday's all-new episode, "Never Let Me Go?"

For Enzo, it might just give him the family and more importantly, the respect, he desires. But will he be content with his choice? Or will he start to have second thoughts when he sees just how volatile the Heretics can be? MTV News chatted with Michael Malarkey about this week's episode, including Enzo's second thoughts, Denzo's long-awaited reunion and his surprising love story this season.

MTV News: Enzo clearly chose a side last week, and it was not the side we were hoping for, when he kidnapped Caroline for the Heretics. How will Enzo's betrayal work out for him in this episode?

Michael Malarkey: How are on earth do you guys think he betrayed Caroline? He said pick a side and he chose a side. That was exactly what he had to do.

MTV: But that was the wrong side!

Malarkey: Well, I guess according to Caroline fans. [Laughs] Not everything is as it seems on "The Vampire Diaries," as we well know. I think what's going to happen here is Enzo's going to go back and forth about whether he made the right decision. But at the same time, he's sticking to his decision. He's made that choice, and we'll see where it all ends up.

MTV: Is there a reason why Enzo sided with Lily and her Heretics?

Malarkey: It's not so much the Heretics, but it's all about Lily. I'm not saying there's a romantic angle there; it's just this visceral connection that he has with this woman. She's the only person he thinks understands him and respects him. That's the one thing that Enzo really wants in this [in Enzo's accent] everlasting life, to be respected and to be seen as a valid person -- well, vampire. He's been an orphan since he was a kid, and he's always been an outsider. He's never had his wolf pack, and he feels like this is a chance for him to have his pack.

Michael Malarkey as Enzo on "The Vampire Diaries."

MTV: So does that mean we'll see him be less of a lone wolf this season?

Malarkey: I think that's part of his charm. But there's something that's a stigma in a way. He also feels comfortable being that kind of outsider, as well. However, he is much more integrated into a number of the different story lines that are happening this season, and we do see him link up with some very unlikely people towards the middle half of the season.

MTV: We talked to Kat Graham recently, and she said that she was so excited to film with you this season. We haven't seen a whole lot of Bonnie and Enzo together, so what is that dynamic like?

Malarkey: First of all, Kat's a fantastic actress, and the stuff we've shot together has been really quick and sharp. We've really been having a good time working together -- it's some good stuff. When Kat and I started to work together, there was an immediate kind of energy, and when you work with another actor who spends a lot of time working on the scripts, and wants to run it a lot beforehand, it's really rewarding. I remember, after the first scene we did together, driving home, thinking, "F--k yes. This is why I do this stuff." They are fun, exciting scenes, and I look forward to everyone being able to see them.

MTV: Will we see Enzo in any of the flash-forwards this season?

Malarkey: Yeah, we do! We actually see a potential love interest in his flash-forward, which is going to be very unexpected to people. So that will be cool. Another layer of the onion has unfolded, and we see another side of Enzo, again.

MTV: What is Enzo like in love? He seems like he'd be a very good boyfriend. He feels all of these things all of the time.

Malarkey: You know, these guys who are intense like that, when they have your back, they have your back. In Enzo's case, he will kill for you. I don't know if people think that makes a good boyfriend or a bad one, but I think that irrelevant. He's loyal.

Enzo and Caroline on "The Vampire Diaries."

MTV: You mentioned that we'd see another side to Enzo, so is it fun for you to peel back those layers and play Enzo a little differently?

Malarkey: Well, we haven't showed a lot of "love" stuff, yet. It was just a quick scene we did in a flash-forward, which hints at this thing that's going to potentially unfold. We'll see how they end up unravelling it in present-day. They've hinted at a couple things. But right now, I don't know if it's a real love story or a bit of a fling.

MTV: Speaking of relationships, let's talk about Denzo. Damon and Enzo haven't had any bro-time in a while. Can we expect more Denzo this season?

Malarkey: Actually, in the next episode, we get a little Denzo action. We get some Denzo action, we get whatever the Lily/Enzo ship name is -- we get that action -- and we also have Enzo playing guitar in the next episode. I'm a musician, and they asked if I wouldn't mind playing guitar on the show, so we get to see some of that. That was very fun. It's actually the perfect time for me to shamelessly plug my new album, which comes out November 20th. It's called "Knots." I'm pretty pumped about that. But yeah, we'll see some more of me and Ian on screen. We're always trying to pitch ideas for them to do more stuff together. We love working together.

MTV: This season has been getting a lot of comparisons to Seasons 1 and 2. It's edgy and fun and dangerous again. As someone who wasn't there for the earlier seasons, how would you describe this season overall?

Malarkey: I'm having an absolute blast this season. It's been the most fun I've had on the show since I started. I think that's partially because I'm filling a certain niche in the show, at the moment. In all of the scenes that I'm shooting the stakes are a lot higher, and then there's also all the romance stuff. There's loads of different levels, and we'll see Enzo on a more human level this season. For me, as an actor, having all of those elements to play with is just supremely rewarding -- fight scenes, romance scenes -- it's fun stuff.

Enzo and Damon on "The Vampire Diaries."

MTV: What niche would you say you're fulfilling?

Malarkey: All of the characters have their certain roles that they play on the show, and I suppose that my character at the moment is that kind of dark, cowboy renegade. He's the lone wolf on the mountain, whereas everybody else is all integrated into their little web of lies and deceit. He's on the outskirts, watching it all, and poking in when he feels compelled to do so.

MTV: If Enzo is the renegade cowboy of Mystic Falls, then Stefan is most definitely the hero -- he has the hero hair to prove it. How is he going to react when he finds out who kidnapped Caroline?

Malarkey: Stefan is going to be upset about that. Stefan and Enzo had a huge romantic falling out that they still haven't come to terms with yet, so there will definitely be some high drama there. And the Heretics are pretty dangerous. They all have a screw loose, so who knows what they're going to do -- and Enzo feels that way too. He needs to suss these people out before he makes any brash moves. He's not sure what they're capable of.