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7 Reasons To NOT Elect Oliver Queen Mayor Of Star City

Um, anyone else wanna run?

Sure, we love Oliver Queen on "Arrow," but can you imagine if you were the average voter? To the people of Star City, Oliver Queen is the dude who grew up in immense privilege and seemingly wasted all of it on parties and failed college degrees. He is the man who lived for five years on a deserted island and managed to come back the same playboy jerk he left as.

Right now, Oliver Queen is running unopposed for mayor of Star City — and we can't imagine anyone else joining the race, given the job's mortality rate. But, if they do, here are seven reasons the residents of Star City, er, might want to consider the other guy.

  1. He once peed on a cop.
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    The Internet never forgets.

  2. He doesn't have the best history with managing money.

    Hey, remember when Oliver ran a multi-billion dollar company into the ground? To be fair, it was already in serious trouble when he took over the job, but he certainly didn't work any miracles on Queen Consolidated. We know this was because he was a bit distracted saving the city as the Arrow, but the Star City residents don't have that same inside information. And they have a very fragile economy to worry about.

  3. He's part of the Star City elite.
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    Oliver doesn't seem super in touch with the needs of the average Star City citizen. Also, not sure if you've noticed, but the Star City elite tend to scam, swindle, and straight-up mass murder this city's poorer populace. Speaking of which...

  5. He is the son of a mass murderer.
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    Harsh, I know, but his mother did play a part in the deaths of more than 500 people when Malcolm Merlyn set off that earthquake machine in The Glades. (Miss you, Moira!) We don't think that Moira's actions should play a role in defining Oliver as a person, but it's gotta influence the average voter's decision, right? Then again, Starling City did vote Moira Queen into office, so...

  6. He made an alliance with Malcolm Merlyn, the city's other mass murderer.
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    Technically, the people of Star City don't know that Oliver made a deal with Malcolm to take down Ra's al Ghul, but they do know that he grew up with the dude and was best friends with his son.

  7. He once took this picture.
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