'Scream' Halloween: These Costume Ideas Are Tailor-Made For The Survivors Of Lakewood

Because we all know Brooke wants to wear lingerie in public.

To most people, Halloween means candy corn, trick-or-treating and pumpkin-carving. To the residents of Lakewood, Halloween means murder, mayhem, oh and disembowelment.

MTV's first season of "Scream" ended in early September, but its spectacularly gory finale (RIP Sheriff Hudson and his intestines) still managed to take place around the scurry holiday -- in fact, just before the serial slasher was revealed to be podcaster Piper (gasp!), a few of Lakewood's finest had happily gathered at a Halloween dance. They even dressed for the occasion: Emma and Kieran went as Uma Thurman and John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction," Noah channeled his inner vampire and Audrey was a flapper girl with a hint of goth.

Now, with Halloween really, truly approaching, we started thinking about what the gang would wear this time on October 31. Keeping in mind all they've been through (damn that Piper, no RIP for her), here are our humble suggestions:

  • Emma should dress as The Bride from 'Kill Bill'

    Mirimax Films

    The reason: Just like the woman formally known as Beatrix Kiddo successfully battled O-Ren Ishii in a snow-covered garden, Emma fearlessly went head-to-head with Piper at the lake. The only difference: Em didn't have a Hattori Hanzo sword (but thank God Audrey showed up with that gun).

  • Kieran should dress as Edward Cullen from 'Twilight'

    Summit Entertainment

    The reason: They're both handsome, mysterious, brooding and sometimes a lil' creepy (remember when Kieran wielded that gun like a pro?). Plus, the telepathic vampire successfully wooed "Twilight" protagonist Bella the same way Kieran won the heart of Lakewood's main gal Emma. Get this man a pair of fangs!

  • Noah should dress as Sherlock Holmes

    Universal Studios

    The reason: It's elementary, my dear Watson -- after all was said and done, Noah was the only person who figured out that Piper couldn't have been working alone because she, too, had been attacked with Will at the old car dealership. And that brings us to...

  • Audrey should dress as Two-Face from 'The Dark Knight'

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    The reason: Girlfriend might be living a double life: In the season finale's very last scene, Miss Jensen-if-you're-nasty gave viewers a clue that she just maybe, sorta, coulda been Piper's accomplice by burning a bunch of letters she’d exchanged with the killer — plus official sheriff’s department notes on the original Brandon James case.

  • Brooke should dress as virtually any Victoria's Secret model

    The reason: Seriously, do we even need to explain this one?

  • Jake should dress as Joel from 'Risky Business'

    Warner Bros.

    The reason: They both found illegal innovative ways to earn extra cash -- Tom Cruise's famous character ran a one-night-only brothel while Jake had an extortion operation with the dearly departed Will -- and both could party their asses off. Bonus: The costume's easy -- all Jake needs is a button-down and some clean underwear.

  • Mr. Branson should dress as Joan of Arc

    The reason: The two have false accusations in common -- Mr. B was erroneously jailed for every last Lakewood slashing; the eventual saint was charged with some 70 crimes, including sorcery, horse theft and heresy. Both were eventually found innocent, although Joan's redemption came like 500 years too late.

  • Maggie (Emma's mother) should dress as Mrs. George (Regina's mother) from 'Mean Girls'

    Paramount Pictures

    The reason: It's hard to be a cool mom when your daughter and, like, everyone else in town is being hunted down by a deranged killer who turns out to be the child you once gave up for adoption. But after all Maggie's been through -- hell, she even watched her boyfriend's intestines spill to the ground (sorry for bringing that up again) -- we think it's high time she slipped into a pink tracksuit and relaxed with a cocktail. Always remember, Maggie: Happy hour is from four to six.

Do you have any Halloween suggestions for the folks of Lakewood? And since we already brought it up because we're totally obsessed: Do you think Audrey really could have been Piper's accomplice? Sound off in the comments section, and get ready for the return of "Scream" in 2016!