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Two New 'X-Men' TV Shows Are On The Way

'Legion' and 'Hellfire' are getting the small screen treatment.

Mutants are finally taking over... your television, that is.

Marvel has announced that not one but two of its "X-Men"-related properties have been picked up for TV adaptation, which means your DVR queue is going to be chock full of even more awesomeness (proving, once again, that the current surge of small screen superheroes is not just a phase). Boom.

  • "Legion" at FX

    First up, FX Networks has ordered a pilot for "Legion," the story of a mental patient diagnosed with schizophrenia who discovers he may be the son of Professor Charles Xavier (aka "Professor X") -- and the voices in his head might just be the real non-crazy deal.

    The screenplay for "Legion" will be written by "Fargo" showrunner Noah Hawley and produced by the capable hands of several "X-Men" movie alums, including "X-Men: Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer and "X-Men" series writer-producer Simon Kinberg.

    Nick Grad, co-president of original programming at FX Networks, said in a statement, "'Legion' is just the sort of ambitious story that Noah excels at. His adaption of 'Fargo' for television was one of the most acclaimed television events in recent memory. It’s also an honor to partner with Marvel on 'Legion' and to enlist such an accomplished team of executive producers to create this pilot."

  • "Hellfire" at Fox

    Next, Marvel announced that Fox will develop an action-adventure series based on "The Hellfire Club," a super powerful group of 1960s gajillionaires -- including Emma Frost, in the comic lore -- who want to take out the "X-Men" because of their anti-world domination agenda.

    "Hellfire," the series' working title, "is a unique opportunity to be able to go deeper with some of these extraordinary characters, but to also dramatize new characters and give TV viewers a chance to experience this expanded world in an explosive way," said Jonathan Davis, president of creative affairs at the network. "The action at the center of Hellfire will be dynamic and will satisfy the rabid fans, but that said, newcomers will surely be addicted too!" he added.

    The adaptive pilot will be scripted by co-writers Evan Katz, of "24: Live Another Day," and Patrick McKay.

If they go the distance to full series order, these two projects will add to a growing list of Marvel's TV live-action shows, including ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Agent Carter," as well as Netflix's "Jessica Jones" and "Daredevil."