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'Star Wars Rebels' Just Got Weird With Some Fan-Favorite Characters

But in a good way, of course.

Finally, the second season of "Star Wars Rebels" is back for good, meaning we get to watch it week-to-week instead of waiting months for more of Ezra, Sabina, Ashoka and the gang. Last time, the show brought us a familiar but terrifying face in the form of Darth Vader, and in tonight's (Oct. 14) episode, it gave us another character we've been hoping to see again: Captain Rex from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

But things weren't all rainbows and Australian-accented sunshines, unfortunately. Here's what went down:

  • The rebels are picking up the pieces.
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    The official season premiere technically aired several months ago, so in case you don't remember what happened, let's catch you up: the Ghost's crew were forced to flee Lothal after being accused of murdering an Imperial officer as part of a plot designed by Darth Vader. But with the help of Anakin Skywalker's former apprentice Ashoka, they were able to escape his attack on the Phoenix Squadron base.

    Unfortunately, Phoenix Squadron didn't come out completely unscathed -- their command ship is completely toasted and they need to find somewhere to hide out while they assess the damages. Enter Ashoka, who sends the Ghost crew off to track down a friend of hers, "a great military commander with a vast knowledge of the Outer Rim." Hmmm, who does that sound like?

  • It's Rex! Hooray!
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    After finding out the Ghost is in need of serious repair and leaving Hera and Chopper behind to fix things, the team discovers Captain Rex on a desolate desert planet. He and his clone buds Gregor and Wolffe were forcibly retired by the Empire and now live in a battered old Clone War Republic tank that's all tricked out with wind chimes and graffiti (surprise, Sabine loves this). Consequently, none of them are the battle-sharped soldiers they once were -- especially Gregor, who's turned into a downright weirdo. Which is better than being dead like some "Clone Wars" fans thought he was, we guess.

    They agree to provide the team with a list of possible base locations, but on one condition: they have to help the clones hunt down something called a "bongo," using Zeb as the bait. It's trickier than it sounds; imagine what it would look like if a Sarlacc pit was just the mouth and there was a big sand worm underneath. Gross.

  • Kanan continues to have angry Jedi feelings.
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    Despite Ashoka's insistence, Kanan does not trust the clones. Which is pretty understandable when you remember that they basically wiped out all the Jedi in "Revenge Of The Sith" at the end of the war -- which Kanan absolutely does, because his Jedi master was gunned down right in front of him. Fortunately, as we all suspected would be the case, Rex and his friends were able to take the control chips out of their heads the week before Order 66 went down and weren't involved in the massacre. Ezra, ever the cheerful optimist, is more than willing to follow their lead. Until...

  • It all goes horribly wrong.
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    Except everything is ruined and all of Kanan's suspicions are confirmed when they find out one of the clones not only sold out the rebels to the Empire, but also kept Rex from seeing all of Ashoka's previous messages to him. Turns out it was Wolffe, who was worried that the Empire would kill them if it was revealed that they helped the rebellion, and apologizes when Rex points out they don't have to be under the Empire's heel anymore.

    Together they all destroy an imperial probe that's been hiding out on the ship, but they're still stranded by the end of the episode -- now the Phantom shuttle is totally busted, they have no way of contacting either Ashoka or Hera, and the Empire is on its way. Yikes... that's one heck of a cliffhanger to start off the rest of the season!