How Would You Die In The 'Scream' Episode Of 'Boy Meets World'? [Quiz]

♫ Welcome to John Adams High, where you are gonna die ♫

If you're an avid fan of "Boy Meets World," I could tell you, "Hey, I watched the scary episode last night," and odds are you'd know to which episode I was referring. Obviously, "BMW" wasn't a horror show, but it did have a ton of fun parodying horror movies in the Season 5 episode, "And Then There Was Shawn."


Although this episode actually premiered in February, it's commonly associated with October and Halloween. Why? Because while it's definitely one of the funniest episodes from the series, it's also kind of scary for smaller kids (aka seven-year-old me).

The episode is clearly parodying the horror hit "Scream," but it also makes references to several other horror films and classic tropes; and a few members of the gang (and Kenny) died some pretty iconic deaths. If you were trapped in John Adams High, what would your fate be?