Happy Spirit Day! Here's Why MTV Is Going Purple


Today (Oct. 15) is Spirit Day -- and we're breaking out our purple scarves, socks, t-shirts and/or pajama pants (which we'll definitely be wearing all at the same time).

Spirit day was founded in 2010 as a way to support LGBT youth who've experienced bullying. Since purple is the color of "spirit" on the rainbow flag, it was the perfect choice to rep the day.

Brittany McMillan, who started Spirit Day as a high school student in 2010, told MTV News, "It started on Tumblr, so for about a week straight in mid-September, early September, every day I would come home from school and there would be a blog post about a boy or girl who had committed suicide. For the most part, it was because they were being bullied based on their sexual orientation or their perceived orientation."

Brittany started asking people to wear purple to mourn the lost teens, and after teaming up with GLAAD, the event exploded in popularity.

"It can mean a lot to people to know that whether they're out of the closet -- or still in the closet -- that they have the support of their peers," Brittany said. "Their friends, their families, their teachers, to be able to see on spirit day are willing to say they love them and support them and will have their back."

MTV will be going purple all day, as will GLAAD. "Spirit Day has been instrumental to shining light on the disproportionate rates of bullying that afflict LGBT youth," GLAAD CEO and president Sarah Kate Ellis told MTV News. "As Spirit Day continues to grow in worldwide visibility and impact, potentially life-saving messages of support will reach more young people than ever before."

Got pride? Purple? Perfect. Share a pic of your look using the hashtag #SpiritDay.

For more information on anti-LGBT bullying, head over to MTV's Look Different.