Which 'Todrick' Video Do You Love Most?

We can't choose between all these lovers, haters and cake-shaking freaks!

Todrick Hall's eponymous docu-series pulled back the curtain to reveal just how the YouTube star makes his viral videos -- so now that it's officially a wrap on "Todrick"'s first season, which magical clip was your favorite?

Are you more of an "Epic Love" Toddler, or do you bop to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt feature of "You Unfollowed Me?" And the twerking beat of "Dem Cakes Tho" deserves a special mention because...you know.

Here's an official roundup of the videos created by the multi-hyphenate "Todrick" frontman -- relive and relove ASAP, then head to the comments and tell us which is your top jam:

  1. "Who Let the Freaks Out"

    It was you, Todrick. You let the freaks out...and we loved it.

  2. "Haterz"

    We can't imagine anyone hating Toddy, but if you're out there: THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!

  3. "Epic Love"

    A collection of all our favorite movie moments wrapped together with a gorgeous, heartbreaking track? We're in epic love -- with this video.

  4. "Wind It Up"

    Please bite us, Jillian Rose Reed. We wanna go to Toyland too.

  5. "Titaniqua"

    The Toddlerz will never let go, unless it's Felicia. We will say "Bye, Felicia."

  6. "You Unfollowed Me"

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a hunk... but also a weirdly cute girl?

  7. "Dem Cakes Tho"

    Booting-hunting with "Dumblonde" Aubrey O'Day will never get old.

  8. "Peter Perry"

    Where's the full Broadway stage version of this? We're waiting, Toddy!