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‘The Flash’: 11 Times Patty Spivot Was The Awesomest Nerd In Central City

Can I be in your task force?

Just when we thought "The Flash" cast couldn't get any more charming, Patty Spivot (Shantal VanSanten) marched into frame.

If you watched Tuesday's episode of the superhero drama — "The Flash of Two Worlds" — then you know that Patty stole the show. Sure, Jay Garrick is a total babe who is probably going to help Team Flash save multiple universes — but Patty falls into that category, too. And we weren't necessarily expecting her to SO quickly work her way into our hearts.

Here are 11 times Patty totally won us over in "The Flash of Two Worlds"...

  1. When she wasn't afraid to represent how qualified she is.

    Internalized misogyny is real, friends, but Patty Spivot RESISTS.

  2. When she geeked out over Barry's forensic reports.

    Guys, she's read all of them. "They're always so detailed, like, they paint a picture like you were somehow actually there when someone was being brutally murdered." Aww.

  3. When she wouldn't take Joe's "no" for an answer.

    Can I be in your task force? ...How about now? ...Now?

  4. When she and Barry were total nerds together.

    You may be hoping for a Snowbarry or Westallen endgame, but it's hard not to admit that Barry and Patty are pretty adorable right the heck now.

    Patty is like the Sara Lance of season 2 of "Arrow" — a fearless badass who randomly shows up and who, yeah, might hook up with the show's star (or not) because they have amazing chemistry, but, regardless, has bigger fish to fry.

  5. When she didn't get the memo that she was meant to be playing the damsel in distress.

    Sure, Patty was straight-up terrified when kidnapped by Sand Demon (as any rational person would be). But that didn't stop her from making the point that, just because you have superpowers, doesn't mean you have the right to use them to hurt others.

    Patty Spivot, standing up for the every-person. Or, you know, the every-not-murderer.

  6. When she understood that metahumans aren't inherently good or evil.

    "They just highlighted the worst parts of who you already were."

    Patty isn't prejudiced against metahumans, either. Sure, she may want to be part of the anti-metahuman task force, but she just wants to take down the bad guys.

  7. When she wasn't afraid to fight people with superpowers.

    "I may not have powers, but I want to stop them." I am so onboard with this character.

    Give me a whole episode that follows Barry and Patty's riveting game of Dunegons and Dragons! I want an entire hour that follows Patty and Joe swapping stories and jokes as they stakeout a potentially villainous metahuman operation! (Extra points if they sing.) And can we get a mutli-episode arc that has Iris, Caitlin, and Patty working together to solve a crime while also discussing their latest read in the feminist science fiction book club they started?

    Thanks in advance, "The Flash"! And thanks after-the-fact for introducing Patty Spivot to the universe I live in. (Although, I wouldn't say no to taking a trip to the universe where Patty Spivot has her very own TV show...)