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Meghan Trainor Just Wrote A Song About A Guy That Totally Lead Her On

But she promises 'it's sweet.'

It's been a little over a month since Meghan Trainor underwent vocal cord surgery, but the singer is back and ready to get to work.

The "All About That Bass" singer was forced to cancel her MTrain tour due to a vocal hemorrhage -- "I just kept hemorrhaging because I got sick, I got bronchitis on tour, so coughing and talking and singing, just my cords getting beat up," Meghan told Ellen DeGeneres -- and recovery hasn't been easy since she hasn't been allowed to talk.

"The phone is how I spoke to people I had an app that texted speech and stuff," she said. "And had you speak like a robot."

But just because she couldn't talk doesn't mean she hasn't been going out and meeting new people. The singer was coy when pressed by Ellen about a certain someone she was seen out with. Six weeks back Meghan posted this picture, sans caption, that got her fans questioning who exactly he is.

"No, I didn't have a boyfriend, there was a guy that I Instagrammed and didn't put a caption and the whole world freaked out, aka all my Megatronz, all my fans, and it was just a little nothing," she said. "But I did get a great song out of it."

After Ellen asked what the name of the song was, it gave us a pretty clear picture that things didn't go exactly as planned between the two.

"[The song] is a new one, I did it last week, it's called 'Lead Me On,' this is going the wrong way," she said. "It's sweet, he said 'I never intended to lead you on,' so that was the main hook, you never intended to lead me on, but come on."

Meghan seems to be hard at work on her next album, she posted a pic of and her "squad," which includes Kyle Massey, in the studio.